Solutions for the most common problems in Dentistry
5 December 2019 1133Views
Solutions for the most common problems in Dentistry

Whether you are 80 years old or 8 years old, oral health is important. But even though most of us need it, we do not visit dentists regularly because we believe that being in dental clinics brings in a lot of problems.

Wouldn't it be useful to hear about solutions to common dental treatment problems? Aydınlar Dental Group draws attention to some useful suggestions for the most common problems during dental treatment.


If you are afraid of your dentist, you are not alone. The most matter of concern on health are Dentistry treatments. Many of us will delay our needs and continue to live with pain. In fact, just taking the first step will bring you to the solution much easier than you imagine.

Here are some useful suggestions:

  • Ask your dentist to give you a comfortable enough time for you.
  • Try to book an appointment when the clinic is calm.
  • Be in the clinic 10-15 minutes before your appointment and give yourself time to get used to the environment.
  • Ask your physician for detailed instructions for the procedures and steps of your treatment.
  • Do these conversations in a comfortable environment different from the treatment room.
  • One of the simplest steps is to immediately do the treatment in the first session, it can help you relax during the entire process.
  • During treatment, try to visit your doctor often and finish your treatment quickly.

Another technique, is to undergo treatment under sedation (deep relaxation, non- anxiety from the ones around) and under the control of an anesthesiologist.

Spending too much time

Single session dentistry means that dental treatments can be performed in one session using CAD/CAM (CEREC) technologies. With the use of CEREC, multiple treatments are eliminated. Instead, the necessary restorations can be created and adhered on the same day. Completing the treatment within a day also means reducing needle injections. CEREC applications are based on digital measurements taken with special scanners. The use of old-fashioned measuring spoons and unpleasant taste of measuring materials are not necessary. Single session CEREC dentistry eliminates the use of temporary crowns that falls from your mouth at the most inappropriate times. It also reduces tooth sensitivity associated with temporary crowns.

Do I have to have an aesthetic appearance or it should stay as it is?

If you have a concern about the destruction of a healthy tooth tissue, modern dentistry involves protective techniques such as bonding, teeth whitening and laminate restorations without removing any substance from the tooth to enhance your smile. At the same time, if you have missing teeth, which means placing teeth roots, and restoring your teeth, similar to the original one.

It is very easy to have aesthetically nice looking and durable teeth.


You can build better social relationships with an attractive smile and achieve a more successful career.

Therefore, we are targeting people who want to be as healthy as possible and who want to look their best in a long time.

The most important issue of a healthier and beautiful smile is the associated cost.

Thanks to advances in technology, achieving high-quality dental treatments is much easier than you think.

At the same time, more and more insurance companies, especially corporate companies, provide health insurance plans that include dental coverage.

Search on dental clinics that has an agreement with your insurance company.

On the other hand, you can also evaluate the opportunities of dental health tourism where you can benefit from best dental treatments.

Durable, Comfortable and Natural

A dentist can restore your missing teeth. But the important question is, "How comfortable will you be?". After all, even if you have your dentist, an artificial application will be performed.

Implants can be miraculous solutions for comfort. You can regain your missing teeth without touching the adjacent teeth and function as your own teeth.

In addition, removable dentures can be avoided with implants. Movable prostheses can come out of your mouth when you are eating, talking and even laughing. Patients cannot bite and chew enough as they want.

When removable dentures are supported by implants, it is possible to eat even the hardest foods. Nowadays, you can have permanent prosthesis with implants.

Is it really necessary?

The exciting development of computed tomography allowed 3D imaging of the head and neck region. Thus, accurate diagnosis, more effective workflow and better treatment planning are now made possible. With the CBCT (Cone Beam Computed Tomography) data, it is possible to deepen the field and capture images not seen in classical 2D techniques. Better and more accurate diagnosis means better treatment, especially in surgery.