How to choose an Implant?
17 February 2020 1409Views
How to choose an Implant?

Implant should be selected with the consensus of the implant surgeon and the prosthodontist who will put the prosthesis and handle the periodical gum treatment in the future. The fact that the prosthodontist informs the surgeon about the planned prosthesis beforehand, it highly impacts the patient’s functionality and aesthetic gains at the end of the treatment.

With the two dimensional panoramic jaw radiography (OPGR), the selection of size, diameter, and shape of the implant should be made by an experienced team provided that the density of the jaw bone is sufficient enough to accommodate the implant. 

In cases where the density of the jaw bone is insufficient or several implants are to be placed and connected with a prosthesis, examination with a 3D visualization (Computer aided tomography – Volumetric tomography) increases the success rate. 

Today it is possible for  prosthodontist to obtain some visuals from the patient, move these images to a computer, and together with the patient’s tomography, design the patient’s implant and prosthesis in a virtual environment. And finally adhere the prosthesis into the patient's mouth using various devices. The implant chosen using this method, called surgical guide, will have the right size, diameter and position to fulfill the patients aesthetic and functional needs.

The fact that the doctors choosing the implant have information and experience about the implant brand is a factor that increases the success of the implant. There are plenty of brands in the implant sector that have proven their trustworthiness and quality. The most important criteria in the implant brand selection process is the brand’s leadership in the scientific fields, and the budget they allocate for research and development. The doctors choosing the implant should pay attention to that brand’s scientific studies, ease of application of the implant, and availability of enhanced connecting units for the prosthesis.