Live by Chewing!
28 March 2019 219Views
Live by Chewing!

Do you have a toothless upper and lower jaw?

You can still laugh with dental implants. Two to four teeth will be adequate to form a secured support for a complete denture. On the other hand, a bridge can be connected over six implants. This will give you a comfortable and secure feeling in any situation, because the prosthesis can no longer fall out  from your mouth unexpectedly. No more embarrassing moments!

Your full denture will be attached to the implants and will be held in place with a two-piece holding system. One of these parts is positioned on the implant and the other is permanently fixed on our prosthesis. These parts interlock like a button and your prosthesis is firmly attached. Prosthesis can be easily removed and put in place again, with ease, when cleaning. If you prefer, your prosthesis can be permanently fixed to the implants and there is no need for supportive pink prosthetic plastic.

After a precise planning, implants are applied to the jaw bone within a single session. During the healing period, the implant integrates with the jaw bone. This means that the place holders or new crowns can be attached in a relatively short period of time.

It is also generally possible to attach the prosthesis to the implants at the same time as the implantation of the prostheses into the jawbone. You will arrive at your appointment at the clinic and you will leave with firmly fixed, good teeth in just few hours.

It is never too late for implants!

You will be able to chew, talk and laugh with your implant-supported teeth as if they are your own teeth. It is very difficult or even impossible to achieve a high level of natural safety with the traditional prosthesis. You will no longer have to use your own teeth to support the prosthesis.

Even when some of your natural teeth are available, they not usually suitable for permanent and stable attachment of the prosthesis. The prosthesis attaches only to your palate, and in an ideal case, the mucosa of the mouth can hold onto the gum in a vacuum. However, as the jawbone, which is not imposed upon it, will shrink over time as in the unused muscle and the vacuum effect will also decrease as time passes.

With implants, your artificial teeth will be like your own permanent teeth. The implant artificial ensures that your prosthesis is perfectly secured to the jawbone, and this can be done at any age and at any initial state. Your dentist can keep the rest of your teeth in the mouth and align them with your prosthesis for support. If you have been using a full denture for a long time, your jawbone may be  too thin and narrow and inadequate for implants. In this case, a oral surgeon specialist can prepare your bone for dental implants.

This can be done with a bone tissue or natural graft materials from your body. This surgical procedure can be performed easily without causing any trauma. The quality of life will increase and is permanent. Dental implants can last a lifetime with proper care. Don't hide your smile anymore and enjoy the beauty of life with your new implants!